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It can be challenging to find a trusted roofing contractor in an industry overcrowded with amateur roofing contractors or contractors who often sublet their work to inexperienced roofing technicians. With Gold Coast Roofing, you don’t have to worry about the quality of workmanship or the roofing materials we offer.

At Gold Coast Roofing, we leave nothing to chance, ensuring high-quality results – every single time!

As a leading metal roofing contractor Gold Coast, we are well aware of the dynamics of roof replacement projects, whether it is industrial, commercial, or residential roofing tasks. From roof inspection to replacement and everything in between, trust Gold Coast Roofing to take care of it all for you.

Why Metal Roofing in Gold Coast ?

When it comes to your roof, metal is among the strongest material you can use. It is a durable, lightweight, and recyclable product. A properly designed and installed metal roofing system can help protect your home from harsh elements all year around. It is why we highly recommend metal roofing materials for residential and commercial roof replacement projects on Gold Coast.

Benefits of a Modern Metal Roofing Replacement

For one, a metal roof is among the strongest roofing material available on the market. The common misconception among many property owners is that metal roofs might not be as aesthetically pleasing as other counterparts in the market.

However, this can’t be further than the truth because the Colorbond roofing material we use for roof replacement is aesthetically appealing, comes in a variety of colors, and adds elegance to your property.

To further help you make an informed decision, let us look into a few benefits of metal roof replacement. The Colorbond roofing material we use comes with numerous benefits, including –


Highly Durable & Long Lasting

Colorbond roofing material is highly durable, long-lasting, and has color literally bonded to the metal. As a leading metal roofing contractor in Gold Coast, we go to lengths to ensure the roofing material is properly installed, ensuring there's no room for errors.

The Colorbond roofing material can easily last for over 60 to 70 years. It is resistant to chipping, cracking, rusting, and peeling, as commonly seen in other roofing materials.

Moreover, Colorbond roofing material is inherently termite resistant, non-combustible, resistant to extreme weather, and isn't prone to wear and tear.


Low Maintenance

One of the major reasons why you should opt for metal roof replacement is its low maintenance.

Most other roofing materials claim a long lifespan but require regular maintenance for them to realize.


Excellent Thermal Insulation

Colorbond roofing material is known for high thermal efficiency, insulating the property optimally. It helps keep the internal temperature pleasant, reducing utility bills.

At Gold Coast Roofing, we also provide Colorbond roofing with upgraded thermal efficiency, improving the insulation characteristics further.


Aesthetically Appealing

Another benefit of choosing Colorbond metal roofing material for your property is its aesthetic appeal. It is available in 22 colors, ensuring it blends well with your property's existing aesthetics and uplifts the overall elegance.

The clean and contemporary look of Colorbond roofing material is sure to boost the visual appeal of any property.


Environmentally Sustainable

You will be surprised to know that Colorbond roofing material is 100% recyclable. It is a lightweight roofing material that's easy to transport, highly energy-efficient, and delivered pre-cut to the job site. This ensures there's much less waste at the job site.

Gold Coast Roofing work with Colorbond roofing material for all our projects. We provide a large selection of Colorbond colors and profiles to match your needs. Unlike other materials, Colorbond is long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.

Our List of Roof Replacement Services

The team at Gold Coast Roofing has experience in every aspect of metal roof replacements. We have worked on a large number of residential and commercial properties on the Gold Coast.

Our experts have the experience and knowledge to provide expert roofing advice and manage the entire roof replacement process. Our end-to-end roof replacement process is systemized to align with roof replacement projects of any scale.

At Gold Coast Roofing, our skilled roofers will assess your existing roof, recommend the best solution and coordinate the entire roof replacement process for you. We don’t cut corners and ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction.

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Tile to Metal Roof Replacement

As your tiled roof starts to age, it will have a multitude of problems and eventually require roof replacement. In all probability, the requirement for roof replacement will be much sooner than you anticipated. With time, the mortar that holds the tiles in place will break down, leading to cracked tiles, loose tiles, leakage, water ponds, and more.

Moreover, tiles are never a suitable roofing material for volatile Gold Coast weather. With time, the specific characteristics of tiles displace the roof’s position and wreak havoc leading to several roofing problems that require regular maintenance and roof repairs, adding to your expenses.

There’s no doubt that tiles appear aesthetically pleasing when installed, but their appearance deteriorates as it ages. The color will fade and become a breeding ground for moss and mildew. It will have a buildup of grime and lichens, negatively impacting your property’s appearance.

At Gold Coast Roofing, our tile-to-metal roof replacement process is a viable long-term solution to your roofing woes. As a leading metal roofing contractor on Gold Coast, we are insured, licensed, and certified Colorbond roof specialists you can trust.

Colorbond is arguably the best roofing solution in the market today and is a perfect roof replacement option for your tiled roof. If you have any doubts regarding the tile-to-metal roof replacement solution we offer, give us a call today.

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Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofs are among the most long-lasting compared to other roofing materials, but they do age. As the metal roofs age, they start to deteriorate in terms of their appearance and show signs of damage, rust, and leakages. This is particularly true if your metal roof has sustained heavy damage due to hail and thunderstorms.

At times, poor installation of metal roofs may also be the reason why the roof ages earlier than expected and shows signs of wear and tear. The combination of various roofing issues indicates that roof replacement is more suitable than frequently spending on roof repairs.

At Gold Coast Roofing, we are a leading metal roof replacement service provider in the region with decades of collective experience in the field. We thoroughly inspect the condition of your roof and provide you with an honest and transparent quote for roof replacement using Colorbond.

Our workmanship and Colorbond roofing material is backed by an industry-standard warranty, ensuring you have a strong roof for decades to come. Trust us for metal roof replacement in Gold Coast and neighboring areas, and you won’t be disappointed.

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Asbestos Roof Removal

Asbestos was once of the most common roofing material used on Gold Coast. Even today, many properties in and around Gold Coast have Asbestos roofs. However, asbestos roofs were banned in 2003, and rightly so. Asbestos roofs are not only high-maintenance, but pose many health hazards, including causing asthma, asbestosis, cancer, and more.

At Gold Coast Roofing, we conduct a series of tests to confirm you’ve asbestos tested and devise a roof replacement plan per your specific requirements. Asbestos roof removal is essential for the health of the inhabitants of the property as well as the environment.

We strongly suggest going for asbestos roof removal and choosing Colorbond roof as your choice of roofing material. It’s safe for health, resistant to wear and tear, thermal-efficient, long-lasting, and durable. Our qualified, certified, and licensed team of roofing technicians can safely carry out asbestos roof removal and install the Colorbond roof to perfection, ensuring zero asbestos exposure to you and your family.

Our roof installation process complies with local building codes and follows the best industry practices, ensuring you don’t have to worry about regulatory or compliance issues.

If your home or property still has asbestos removal, contact Gold Coast Roofing, the best metal roof replacement contractor in Gold Coast. We will guide you through the process and help you have a safe, durable, and long-lasting Colorbond roof you can be proud of for years to come.

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Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial roof replacement is a huge undertaking but is often neglected until the time roofing issues surface. If your commercial roof shows any signs of wear and tear or needs frequent roof repairs, it’s time to go for commercial roof replacement. Even if your commercial roof doesn’t show any major signs of leakage or aging, it might be time you go for roof replacement.

Why? This is because commercial operations can be disrupted for days, weeks, or sometimes even months if the property’s structural integrity is not intact. And, it depends largely on the roof’s health. Don’t spend tons of money each year just for roof repairs and other additional costs when you can have a strong, durable, and long-lasting Colorbond roofing material installed.

Gold Coast Roofing has helped hundreds of local commercial facilities get roof replacements over the years. It helps extend the life of the commercial roof while cutting down the cost of any frequent maintenance or roof repairs. As licensed, registered, and insured metal roof replacement contractors Gold Coast, we have standard operating procedures that follow the best practices for roof installation.

Our end-to-end commercial roof replacement solutions are customized to meet clients’ specific needs, ensuring they get full value for their money. Our Colorbond roofing material and workmanship are backed by a solid warranty. It provides our commercial clients with the peace of mind they need when investing in commercial roof replacement.

At Gold Coast Roofing, our roofing experts can conduct a thorough roof inspection and provide you with an accurate, all-inclusive quote that’s competitive and economical. Our services follow the local building regulations and guidelines, ensuring you don’t have to worry about any aspects of the commercial roof replacement process.

Trust Gold Coast Roofing with your commercial roof replacement, and you will be glad you did.

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Insurance & Hail Damage Roof Replacement

The volatile weather of Gold Coast is well known, and at times, it can cause extensive structural damage to the property. One of the first shields of protection in a property is the roof, which is often damaged during hail storms. At times, the damage to the property is such that it requires a complete overhaul and roof replacement. It can put an unexpected and additional financial burden on the property owner.

Thankfully, though, an insurance claim can cover the costs of roof replacement in such an event when you need hail damage roof replacement. However, insurance companies are known to find loopholes in your claim to minimize the payout leading to you having to pay from your pocket for the majority of the cost.

At Gold Coast Roofing, we have decades of experience in providing our clients with insurance claim assistance for hail damage roof replacement. We would assess the damage and provide a roof replacement quote, including a detailed report. Our experts will also help file an insurance claim on your behalf so you can receive fair compensation.

Our comprehensive reporting of the damage incurred to your roof, along with the photographs of the damage and other documentation, leaves no room for errors. It lays the foundation to get a claim covering the cost of hail damage roof replacement.

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At Gold Coast Roofing, we have standard processes in place for metal roof replacement and have multiple quality checkpoints to ensure there’s no room for errors throughout the project.

As a leading metal roofing contractors Gold Coast, we strive for excellence and 100 percent customer satisfaction by getting the job done right the first time, every single time.

If you have a roof that’s troubling you or if you’re considering roof replacement, trust our roofing experts at Gold Coast Roofing to provide you roof replacement solution you can bank on. Don’t endure the troubles of a worn-out, damaged, and leaky roof anymore, and give us a call today.


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